List of books by date of first publication

(There is a link through to books that have already been reviewed.) 

1935       Biggles learns to fly by Captain W.E. Johns
1936       The story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf
1940       Emil and Karl by Yankev Glatshteyn
   The singing tree written and illustrated by Kate Seredy
1946       The snow goose by Paul Gallico
1952       Twenty and ten by Claire Huchet Bishop
1961       The general by Michael Foreman
1963       I am David by Anne Holm
1967       The dolphin crossing by Jill Paton Walsh
1967-69 The Flambards trilogy by K.M.Peyton
1969       Charlotte sometimes by Penelope Farmer
1972       Tank commander by Ronald Welch
1973       Carrie’s war by Nina Bawden
   Summer of my German soldier by Bette Greene
1974       When the siren wailed by Noel Streatfeild
1975       The machine gunners by Robert Westall
1989       Number the stars by Lois Lowry
1993       War game by Michael Foreman
1996       The bantam and the soldier by Jennifer Beck
1997       Harry and the Anzac poppy by John Lockyer
   The little ships by Louise Borden
1998       So far from the sea by Eve Bunting
1999       Memorial by Gary Crew, illustrated by Shaun Tan
2000       When the guns fall silent by James Riordan
2002       In Flanders Fields by Norman Jorgensen
   Lord of the nutcracker men by Iain Lawrence
   Remembrance by Theresa Breslin
2003       Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo
   Erika’s story by Ruth Vander Zee
   Caesar the Anzac dog by Patricia Stroud
2004       The silver donkey by Sonya Hartnett
2008       One boy’s war by Lynn Huggins-Cooper
2009       Truce: the day the soldiers stopped fighting by Jim Murphy
   Lighthouse girl by Dianne Wolfer
2010       Ronnie’s war by Bernard Ashley
2012       Le Quesnoy: the story of the town New Zealand saved by Glyn Harper
   Hero on a bicycle by Shirley Hughes
   Lone Pine by Susie Brown and Margaret Warner
   The horses didn’t come home by Pamela Rushby
   Code name Verity by Elizabeth Wein
2013       Evan’s Gallipoli by Kerry Greenwood
   When our Jack went to war by Sandy McKay
   The Great War by Joe Sacco
   Flora’s war by Pamela Rushby
   Light Horse Boy by Dianne Wolfer
   Rose under fire by Elizabeth Wein
   The amazing tale of Ali Pasha by Michael Foreman 
2014       The Anzac puppy by Peter Millett
   1914: riding into war by Susan Brocker
   The red suitcase by Jill Harris
   What we did for love by Natasha Farrant
   No stars at the circus by Mary Finn
   Meet the Anzacs by Claire Saxby
   Valentine Joe by Rebecca Stevens
   My brother’s keeper by Tom and Tony Bradman 


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